My Reading Journey

This post is basically about how I began reading and when. We all start somewhere, and I started very early. It all started with an obsession, when I was 6 years old, and it was an obsession with encyclopaedias! Weird, I know. But I just loved reading encyclopaedias, especially the ones with a lot of pictures. I also loved books about animals, I still have the very first ones I bought. A book about cats and another one about taking care of birds, lol. I even have the very first encyclopaedias I got back then. You can tell its old by just touching it, I mean, the book about cats is literally falling apart. Anyways, so it started with those, then I went through a period of obsession with Atlas and map books. Even my parents found it a bit strange that I didn’t pivot towards the story side of reading. I mean kids are supposed to love stories, right? When I was about 10, my uncle would take my cousins and I to a book store every two week and he asked us to each choose a book. He always made sure we wouldn’t choose ‘bad’ books, so if one of us does pick a book that isn’t appropriate, he would choose one for us instead. For years, this two-week tradition went on. I started borrowing books from the school library every week and that diversified my reading a lot. Looking back, I can’t believe I used to like horror books XD I don’t read any horror now. Fantasy became my escape, I carried my books with me everywhere! And basically yeah, that’s how it began, I branched out ever since. Survived the vampire books era. Now I would say I found my reading niche; historical everything, and of course fantasy. It was a lovely journey and I’m very thankful to my uncle, he made me fall in love with reading.

I would love to know how you started too!


Dominating Genre

Just a quick post about the genre that dominates your bookshelves! So, a few years back, I would’ve said its fantasy/young adult that dominated mine. But, now, the throne has been taken by historical fiction and historical romance. I find history and historical fiction endlessly fascinating. I mean, it’s like a portal to places, civilizations and events that happened hundreds or maybe a thousand years ago. Places that actually existed. I still love fantasy and I always will of course. But, yeah, historical fiction and historical romance are my babies now.

So, I would love to know what dominates your book shelf? What genre is your favourite?


Have a lovely day folks!

The First

Wow, cant believe I am finally doing this. It took me a while to start, but here’s to never stopping! I am dedicating this blog to all the amazing books and stories out there in the world, and all the mediocre ones.. and the not so good ones. I’ve been wanting to start a book blog for a while now, mostly to connect to other readers, cause really, who wouldn’t want to meet new people who share the same interests that you do? Also, I do think the world needs more love to be spread around, so even if its from this small blog, it would be wonderful to brighten up someone’s day.


P.S : this adorable picture isn’t mine